Sunday, October 09, 2011


That's right. August. Here's what went down:

The kids cuddled

We packed and moved.

We went to the beach

and got really sandy (but not burned!)

We decided the best use of space in the kids' new tiny room was to shove their beds together. They absolutely love it and entertain each other all morning while I sleep/read/shower.

We went to Hartford, CT and visited the Childrens Museum.

This giant whale was the best part.

Followed closely by riding on one of the oldest carousels in the country.

Our new place is better organized and more fun than our old place in Acton. It's more fun because a huge playground is right outside our back door and more organized because not only did we inherit an awesome Ikea organization unit (thanks LeAnn!) but also, 1/3 of our possessions are in storage. I'm very seriously considering donating everything that's down there. If I don't need it here, why will I ever need it? As such, the kids can find their toys better. They play hard, and sleep hard.

This is our back patio. We love being on the third floor, right in the tree tops. And I get plenty of exercise hauling strollers, Levi, laundry, and groceries up and down each week!

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Great pics!