Wednesday, March 10, 2010

you may or may not have noticed

Most likely not, but my pregnancy countdown suddenly lost a week. That's because I have a c-section planned for April 19th, one week before my due date. I'm still hoping that I'll go into labor before that, and if I do, my doctor is up for trying a natural birth (as long as the baby is head down, doesn't seem to be in distress, etc...).

But since Anna was a c-section, I had to schedule one and the 19th was the latest date my doctor would go for. It's not my first choice, but it's sure nice to know that no matter what, the baby will be here by the 19th. That's less than 6 weeks!

I don't feel ready at all and am in major nesting mode. In the past two weeks, I've had the carpets cleaned, de-junked several spaces, scoured my refrigerator, sewn a pillow, given away clothes and toys, cleaned out and vacuumed both cars, rearranged Anna's room, and there are still plenty of things on my list. Even with doing all that, though, I feel like I've neglected preparing for baby #2 physically, emotionally, and mentally.

With Anna, buying a car seat and crib, getting a rocking chair, having a baby shower-- all those things made it feel like a baby was coming, and I haven't really had any of those big preparatory experiences for this little guy (which makes sense for a second baby). In a way, it's nice to be able to focus on everything going on in the moment, but I'm worried we're in for a MAJOR shock once he comes home. Hopefully we'll at least decide on a name before then.

Wish me luck!


tpmotd said...

Good luck! But you mean to tell me he's getting all his girly older sister's stuff as hand-me-downs? Surely you could satisfy your need to buy something big for him by getting him a chainsaw or something.

lizzie said...

I think he should be born on April 17th and you should name him Simon. Then we could have birthday and name buddies. :)

I hope you're able to get everything in order before he comes. I think you'll be surprised at how quickly you feel like you don't remember life without him there.

Good luck!

Marci said...

Good luck! I can't believe he is almost here! Are you guys not going to London now? I hope everything works out as you want it to, but of course all that matters is he gets here safe and sound. It's interesting how priorities and pregnancies change with each baby. I'm sure you'll all adjust just fine :-)!

Holly said...

I had a c-section first, and four vbacs after, so it is possible...but don't be too discouraged if it doesn't work that way. However he comes, it's a blessing.