Thursday, March 11, 2010


How cute is she?!

Our first attempt at any kind of braid

And our second attempt. It only took being buckled into a high chair and two Sesame Street video playlists to accomplish, but we did it. And it held all day long, even through a nap! (Except of course for a few adorable wispy curls that snuck out around the edges during the day)

(sorry for the graininess-- I forgot the flash and my apartment has terrible lighting)

Little girls are so much fun!

And just for kicks, here's a little video from after our first braid photo shoot:

I can't get over her cute, little, heart-melting, smile-inducing voice.

(Unless of course it spends all morning whining and crying because it's hungry and sick and tired but won't eat or just rest and be quiet and causes mom to send life-threatening emails to dad across the ocean. But nothing like that would ever happen around here...not that cute little voice).


Marci said...

SOOO cute! I still can't get over how thick Anna's hair is! I swear she has 4x as much as Addie already!

Rebecca Holt Stay said...

Wow. good job on the braids!
I am amazed she would sit still!

Cath and co. said...

I want Anna's hair!! :) Those braids are so cute and loved the vid. I don't get to hear Anna talk much- love that voice! :)

Karen Ahlstrom said...

If I managed to Braid Elizabeth's hair like that, the braids would simply fall out in minutes. Anna is definitely cute!

rusted sun said...

I love the braids. I love your comment about Anna at the true, so true. How I can go so quickly from -I love you like crazy to -you are driving me crazy is quite amazing.

Susan said...

oh my goodness...those braids are amazing! good for you

Cristal said...

Oh my, Anna is getting so big! These pictures remind me of my own when I was about her age. In fact I probably remember a few of those wondrous times of being a little child. "When we return to the imagination of our youth, get get a better view of the world as it should be." What a joy she must be. :)