Friday, October 16, 2009

memories of Mitcham

We have a new computer and in a tiny box on the side of the screen is a rotating slideshow of images in our My Pictures folder. When this one came up, I had to smile.

This is my primary class from the Mitcham Ward from my second study abroad in London. It's the entire senior primary. It was definitely a challenging calling. On my first day some of the older girls and boys were continuing an argument that had begun before church started and called each other names I had never even heard before. It was a rocky start, but after a few weeks of lessons involving as many kids as possible at all times and a few choice distributions of Jaffa Cakes and Oh! how I loved those children! Especially the two little girls to my right and the one in the pink sweater in front. They adored me and I couldn't help but adore them right back.

Maybe someday I'll get to go back and learn to love a new group of beautiful children.


Elisabeth said...

I loved the Mitcham ward! They were such great people that the 90-minute journey by subway, bus, and tram was totally worth it :)

Rebecca Holt Stay said...

Somehow I had missed that the class was the ENTIRE primary. That is so cool since my first calling in the Monroe Ward (after the branch) was to teach ALL the kids aged 8 to 18!
That was when we had just baptised the Viola family and I had all 4 siblings in the same class.