Thursday, October 08, 2009


Anna scribbled this picture on the magnadoodle today.

Then she looked at me and signed "fish." I couldn't be prouder.


McKay said...

Wow, smart little girl you have there! I wouldn't think kids would be capable of that until 2-3.

heather said...

It was definitely just a scribble and not intentionally a fish. But I liked that she saw something in her little picture. And that I saw it too!

Rebecca Holt Stay said...

Kids are amazing. We show them a photo of a dog, a painting of a dog, a cartoon sketch of a dog or we say the word "dog" or sign "dog" or bark or point to an actual dog - and they could all be of different breeds of dog - and the kid UNDERSTANDS all this! It's a miracle and we don't even notice.