Wednesday, April 15, 2009

march make up 2

A few days after we got back from Ohio, Sam's parents and youngest brother Joseph came to Houston for their spring break. Sam's brother Ben and his family were also able to come and it was great fun to have half the Cosby clan together.

We all got together on a Saturday morning. First, we pushed the button down town*. Then we had a yummy pizza lunch before heading to the Houston Aquarium. Anna loved the fish again and took a quick nap there. Belle got a much-desired ride on the carousel with Aunt Katrina, and then we all went to the Chocolate Bar for dessert. I'm sorry to say I was pretty disappointed by their frozen hot chocolate. Good thing I got ice cream, too.

After a dinner of nachos and a couple hours of Nintendo time with Sam's siblings, we came home with Joe in tow. He stayed at our apartment for the next few nights and was a model guest. He was easily pleased with our Wii, texting, and any food we gave him. On Monday night we told Joe we wanted him to have the best night of his life and would take him anywhere he wanted for dinner and we'd do anything he wanted after that. He requested Taco Bell and Mini-Golf. Can't beat that. I'm pretty sure it was the best night of his life.

The day before, Sam's parents joined us for church and we got some of Ruth's famous enchiladas for dinner afterwards. We played a few card games together and took naps. On Monday, we took Anna to the park and fed the ducks. She held out her hand to one, and it bit her fingers! She didn't even flinch though, and we've been back often since. We went to La Centerra to meet Amy and Belle for lunch and while we were waiting, we put Anna in the fountain there. She loved it and I of course forgot my camera. We took her back a few days later and took these, though.

Before Van and Ruth left, they left us with two big presents for Anna's birthday. She's so excited about the bright colored wrapping paper and loves to pat them with her hands when she manages to get into her closet. We love our Cosby family and miss them very much!

*Ask me if you want more information about that. It was definitely as someone described it to my sister-in-law Katrina-- a biblical experience.


tpmotd said...

Tell about the button! What is it?
I loved what Joseph picked for the night of his life.

JP said...

I wanna know about the button too.

heather said...

I'll email you individually about it. It's meant to inspire curiosity, so descriptions will be sparing. Really you need to come visit me in Houston to get the full experience.

Goose said...

I'm curious too!

Melissa said...

Okay, I live in Houston, what's the button? And it can't already almost be Anna's birthday, unbelievable how time flies. I also wanted to tell you you did a wonderful job today on your talk. I loved it. Thanks!