Thursday, July 19, 2007

our house is a very very very fine house

Here it is! Lots of people have been asking me for pictures of the apartment, and here is a video tour! The quality isn't that great, but it gives you a good idea of our living conditions.

Part 1

The end got dark, so I just cut it off there. I was showing the number next to our door.

Part 2

Something I neglected to mention, but that I hope is visible from this video is the light, airy feeling of the apartment. We love having windows all over.
Thank you Jon for the Wall Street Journal on top of the island in the kitchen! Sam reads it every day.
At the end of this video I was showing you our "wall of love" over the sink. It's a montage of all the engagement photos we have from friends and family. Its a reminder of how great it is to be in love. Not that we really need one...

Part 3

The end! We really DO think you should come to visit us. We have lots and lots of space for just the two of us. Just give us a ring whenever y'all wanna come on over.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam and Heather!
Wow! John and I have lived in 2 apts; both in OK. We lived with BIG and hairy spiders, scorpians, and cockroaches. Congrats on your beautiful apt. Linda Stafford

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Grandpa loved it: now he knows your setting . . . We'll show Grandma around when she gets home on Sunday.
I especially like the couch cover: GOOD choice. And the kitchen is awesome. Just think of all the toffee and chocolate you could cool on all that marble!
Love Mom

Susan said...

Absolutely wonderful! Love the kitchen and after 30 years in my small one, I envy yours. Thanx for the shout out re: the Welcome Apple on your door. How special to know that the Ohio moment graces Texas!

Robert and I are both very happy for you and glad you have grown into the woman you have become and found a lovely man to marry.

Cara was home with her 5 kids this week and last night we had this long talk about the youth she grew up with and where they are. Only the Stays were able to be named as following true to their covenants and for that Cara expressed her gratitude. Me too.

Anonymous said...

My mom and I loved your apartment! The kitchen is beautiful! My mom started to tear up when I read her the excerpt that explained the pictures above your sink <3 Thank you for sharing. I need to start my Houston travel fund so I can come visit : ) Hope you have a nice weekend. I leave for Europe tomorrow so I will talk to you when I return! *Anna Jo*

D said...

Here's a little song for you.


tpmotd said...

Your house IS a very fine house! How nice! Thanks for sharing. You and Dave have inspired me to give everyone a video tour of my apartment... to remind them how good they have it. :P Love you!

lizzie said...

Wow. Everything is bigger in Texas. Hahaha. I love your place. You two are so lucky!