Monday, August 01, 2016


Sometimes, I'm going through photos, trying to delete duplicate-looking ones or blurry ones or stupid-face ones, but then I get to a series like this and think, "How do I choose?" It's not like I really need 7 pictures of Emily sitting in the same place, wrapped in the same towel, but she has a different adorable smile in every one. Curse you technology for paralyzing me with such decisions! I would have been so much more productive if I'd been born fifty years earlier.

PS- Want to make the decision for me? Weigh in below. It's so much easier to make objective decisions about the cuteness of other people's children.


D said...

Number 3 is the best. Doug

Rebecca Holt Stay said...

The series is what captures Emily better than any one. That is why it is so hard to choose.
Love Mom

D said...

keep them all. I love series. they show different faces. and, it's not like memory costs hardly anything nowadays. So it really doesn't hurt to keep them all digitally. You can just print your favorite, and save them all digitally without taking any space.

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