Monday, August 25, 2014

november 2013

More catch up!

November started with the fall festival at Anna's school which is one of the big PTA fundraisers of the year. Levi was into all the games, as you can see from the pictures, but Anna mostly did the bounce houses and confetti eggs.

The girl to Anna's right is her 5th grade buddy, Cameron. She and her friends let Anna play with them, and she felt SO cool.

Look at that long hair!

Later we took a trip to the American Girl Place to buy a Christmas present from Grandma Becky. Bitty Baby is all buckled in and ready to go.

I love her face!

This was the outfit she picked out.

Anna spent a lot of time doing this doll's hair, so when I gave her Felicity for Christmas, I made sure to have plenty of clips and hair ties to go with it.

The last day before Thanksgiving break was the Kindergarten Thanksgiving feast. All the parents pitched in parts of the Thanksgiving meal. It was surprisingly fun, and the food was quite good. Anna didn't eat much since she was so excited, but my newly pregnant self scarfed down a plate.

I can't remember what exactly we were playing, but it involved babies, pumpkin cookies, and dress up, so it must have been good.

Levi has claimed this baby for his own. Her name is Alisa when it's a girl and Boy Baby when it's a boy.

We took our friends Lizzie and Allison who live around the corner and go to church and preschool with us to the Perot Museum during Thanksgiving Break. Those girls are so sweet, we had a great time.

Sam ran the Fort Worth Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. It was FREEZING! But he did great and placed well in his age group. 

I don't have any pictures on here from the Exxon Christmas party, but it was the last Thursday in November. (It could have a post of its own. It was AMAZING.) On our way there it started sleeting and kept it up all night. The next morning, a sheet of ice covered everything! Of course school was cancelled the next day and there was no way Sam was getting to work, so we went out to play. We could skate on the road. Lots of our outdoor toys shattered when we started to pry them from the ice. And when I drove the van for the first time since the storm on Tuesday (5 days after!) a huge chunk of ice slid down my windshield and popped off a windshield wiper the first time I braked at a stop sign.

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