Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Thanks for coming out of the woodwork guys! One of the best things about that post was finding some old friends and the blogs of family members that I had forgotten existed.

And I'm hoping McKay was right with his spider/web crawler theory.

And to McKay, and my other college friends and roommates from 2005: It is a beautiful, sunny, breezy summer day in MA right now and though I really truly loved spending 2 hours at the park and library with my kids, I could really go for some renegade FHE right now. I'm imagining frisbee, rootbeer floats, records, and laughing while lounging on cool grass and warm pavement. Why don't you all just transport yourselves to the lawn behind my apartment, say 7 PM EST?

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makana hansen said...

gonna second the web crawler thing. And guess what! I started a dating blog and I want to feature you! SO... that means you have to come up with a cute thing you have done are are going to to with your lover. :)
And I love the paintings you did. See you at 7pm :)...if only