Sunday, October 31, 2010

pumpkin fest 2010

Not long after we moved here, we got a pass to the Discovery Museums, and are so happy we did. It has quickly paid for itself and also gives us lots of opportunities for creative fun. Take the pumpkin fest they held last weekend:

Anna is really into art these days and spends most of her play time coloring, painting, or playing with playdoh (when she's not reading). She was the very last kid to leave the pumpkin painting station and even then, she only stopped because we told the museum workers to go ahead and take the paints and glitter away. She was soon appeased by the face painting where she chose a black cat and a spider.

Once we went inside to warm up, Sam took Anna all around, but he said they spent most of their time in the play diner. Sam says Anna looks just like me when she cooks-- wearing an apron, opening the oven, moving around pots and pans, turning on the burners, and pushing away little hands that interfere :) (I do let Anna cook with me and try to give her something to do at dinner each day, but I'm still too particular to sacrifice my dinner for the sake of letting her experiment...) Meanwhile, Levi enjoyed himself thoroughly in front of the mirrors.

Next we played with some floating pumpkins and felt their gooey insides. And then we explored the science portion of the museum. Sam said, "Why do we always hang out in that other one? This one is way more interesting." So interesting, in fact, that he kept wandering off to the next exhibit without Anna :) Don't worry. We always found each other, and Anna nearly threw a fit when it was time to leave.

We snagged these pictures with all the big pumpkins first, though.

Happy Halloween from our little pumpkins!

Thank you Grandma Ruth for the super cute Halloween clothes! I could not stop admiring Levi's adorable chubby stripey legs.



Levi does have the most admirable cute stripey legs! Happy Fall!

Mrs. Gosses said...

These pictures are priceless! Both their outfits are adorable! How fun. I love the pics with Levi and the mirror-you got a good one. I love Children's museums and glad to hear you all enjoyed it.Cheers for creative play-all that good art stuff.

Lisa and Mark said...

FYI - it was an incredibly EASY costume. i just got the ugliest bear costume i could find on ebay, and the head scarf thing is just a reddish orange tank top with the armhole sewn completely up on one side, and the neck hole is sewn in between the ears so that there are two holes for the ears to poke through. super cheap.