Wednesday, September 22, 2010

sugar fast

I'm doing a little sugar fast for a month and blogging about it at The Mother Runner. Come check it out.... and leave a comment if you want to boost my self-esteem a bit. It's been a bit of rough day.

I'll just say this here. I'm on day 3 of this sugar fast and also on day 3 of Anna whining/crying/screaming all day long. If ever a woman needed chocolate, it would be today, and I couldn't eat it. Talk about frustrating.


lizzie said...

I hear you Heather. Yesterday I found myself thinking, "It's been long enough. I feel in control again." And then I realized it was day 2. Ha.

rusted sun said...

Comment placed....

I hope you day gets better.

Goose said...

Okay, so I read your entry on Mother Runner and I have no children to blame the snacking/stress on, but I am a terrible emotional eater and I think I'm going to try and join you... especially if I don't have to give up cereal.

Of course, my biggest weakness is all the booths on the walk home with pb M&Ms for a dollar, but I need to have some control.

A month is a lot to imagine though, so I'm going to start with one week. No more sugar snacks through September.

Amy said...

I did this twice in college. Both times I felt so great after the initial withdrawal. But aftera while I started making exceptions and soon I was back to feeding my sweet-tooth. Living in Europe for 8 years didn't help!

One thing that has helped me in general is to eat healthy sweets like apples or strawberries. Even honey on bread.

Good luck! I am sure you will get through the rough spots!