Thursday, May 06, 2010

out with the old, in with the new

Yesterday I said goodbye to my trusty little Ford Escort. It was 11 years old and full of good memories.

Mom and I drove to and from seminary and school nearly every day of high school in that car. Mom heard all about the days' hopes and tests and highs and lows on those five-minute drives.

I learned to drive and passed the driving test in that car.

I felt the thrill of teenage freedom driving to the metroparks to sit by myself or going to and from parties, malt shops, and thrift stores with friends with the music up a little too loud.

Once the Mystique died in college, Mom and Dad gave me and Steve the Escort to share. We drove it to California one weekend together and just hung out at the beach and Grandma's house.

That was the summer I started dating Sam and he says we had our first kisses in the car in the Escort. I'm pretty sure that's what we were driving on the day we got engaged nearly a year later.

I learned how to change the brakes, change a tire, fix a headlight, and take care of plenty of other minor maintenance issues on it.

And since we've moved to Texas, it's gotten me to work, doctors' appointments, playgroups, lunch dates with Sam, and anywhere else I wanted to go.

Sadly, just before the end of last year, the transmission died and we've only been able to drive in second gear, so no faster than 40, and that was a stretch. It started shaking while it idled and the rotors got warped, so it took longer to brake than usual, and we decided it was time to finally say goodbye.

After a little research, Sam made the painstakingly slow drive up to Carmax and traded her in. She served us well yet again and we got the blue book value for it. I went up to meet him and sign some papers later that evening and drove home in this, a 2008 Ford Escape.

I can't wait for all the memories yet to be made.


Leighanna said...

So... we got interrupted during our visit today. Those darn doctors and their schedules... :) I am very excited for you and your new car! Happy trails!

Jennie said...


rusted sun said...

Lovely tribute to wonderful memories.

I tend to have emotional connections to old cars too. Lonnie still makes fun of the Geo Metro I drove while we were dating. I was sad to lose it when we moved to Texas, but livign with out AC in all the humidity made it easier to give up.

Congratulations on the new car.

Rebecca Holt Stay said...

Ah, what lovely memories. Thanks. I have given up two Ford Escort wagons: your blue one and the red one before that which Doug and Lesli needed to drive back to BYU after they got married. I LOVED those cars. I remember driving the blue one out to BYU - for you and Steve - with Terese Engstrom and she/we talked the whole 30 hours.
Plus, I think the red Escort had the 'Vulcan Institute of Technology' sticker on it. And your blue one had the University of Auckland sticker: haven't been able to replace that one.

Laurie said...

Oooo, I like the new car!

Samantha said...

When I got rid of my escort about 2 years ago I cried...first new car I bought and drove it off the lot all by myself. Once I got a van Justin became the driver of the escort and wore it out. It was a great car and I loved it...feeling your emotion!

tpmotd said...

Good post! I'd forgotten that's the one we drove to California.

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

Remember the double/triple date we went on with Sam and Marc (and who else?) snowshoeing and then to Krispy Kreme? I think I remember where in the K.K. parking lot you parked that car. Huh. :)

Susan said...

we love old cars and old memories. but good for you needed a larger car for the larger family. And are you guys really still going to england?