Friday, July 03, 2009

our little cutie

I'm not even going to try to catch up with all the things we've done in the past two months. I've got the pictures on my computer and they're going to have to be enough of a record.

I do want to share some cute cute cute pictures of Anna. She just gets to be more fun by the day. She is signing a few things now--more, all done, light, bath, sleepy--and says a few words either on her own --Daddy, wow, Hi, baby (sometimes)--or when prompted--happy, sleepy, all done (ah da), Mama, Daddy, yeah, mmmm (at meal times). She loves to look at books and jabbers her way through "reading" them to herself. She especially likes us to read her favorite books to her like a book about Daddys, her signing books, and lift-the-flap books. She has taken a few steps on her own and loves to push her stroller and walker. She is an explorer and is happiest when she can crawl everywhere and touch everything. People at church are used to seeing a baby dragged by one foot back to the pew when she makes a fast break for the stairs up to the pulpit. So, without further ado, here are the pictures.

walking to the pool with Daddy

Daddy loves to make Anna laugh at dinner time. Usually, it makes us laugh, too.

Standing all by herself in the cowgirl boots Grandma Stay sent, and clapping at her achievement.

Snuggling with Daddy

This little green dress was given to my Mom by her good friend and surrogate mom Pat Rogers when my older sister Karen was born. My mom said she thinks Pat's daughter Leslie wore it which would make this pretty vintage number from the 50's. I love the shape of the dress, how full and short it is. It's the perfect shape to let babies move and crawl, which Anna liked, but mostly I just loved how cute Anna looks in the dress.

Anna meeting her Uncle Jacob for the first time. He just got home from serving a mission in Tallahassee, FL.

A few scenes from the game of Battle Baseball that the Cosby bros played. Joe-- the one pushing Sam around in these pictures-- won.

Anna getting in on the action.

Bath time with cousins Lincoln and Elijah... was Anna's first bubble bath!

Baby Anna loved her fun Aunt Anna. It might be because of their special name bond, but I mostly think it's because Anna is just an amazing mom who knows how to help kids have a great time, all the time.

Anna helping me in the kitchen

Anna's first pigtails

I came into Anna's room after she'd been playing in there quietly for quite a while and her bum was all wet. Then I looked down and saw that she'd taken out every single wipe from the box and thrown them around the room. Then, she sat on them while pulling out all her diapers and blankets from the shelves, and all her dirty laundry from her hamper. She had a wonderful time.

Going on a run with Daddy. Her little Nikes are ones that I wore as a baby. My mom calls them my first pair of running shoes. It must have been destiny.

This is Anna's favorite bath toy. She's tired here so here laughing turns into crying.

These next pictures are from an outfit I couldn't resist putting on Anna. She had on the onesie and leggings and I felt like she needed a skirt over it. All the ones that matched were in the laundry except for her tutu! After that, the headband, bracelet, and cowboy boots just fell into place. My heart just melted every time I looked at her adorableness that day.
I love my beautiful little Anna!


tpmotd said...

I like how much fun stuff you're doing with her hair now that it's long enough. Are those curls hers naturally? She's SO CUTE!

McKay said...

Wow, what a post! I loved looking at all the pictures. Anyway, we need to get together again, sometime soon.

Ben, Amy, Isabelle & Olivia said...

Oh my goodness Heather, where did Baby Anna go??? She all the sudden looks so grown up. I LOVE her pigtails and standing up in her boots. So cute!!!!

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing all these pictures! It's so fun to see how cute she is. Cassie does the same thing with her books- spreads them out all over the floor, "reads" them to herself, etc.

Susan said...

absolutely adorable pix.

Anna Jo said...

What wonderful photos!! I wish I could teleport myself to Houston to see all of you in real life.

xoxo from chicago
anna jo

Laurie said...

Its awesome how many sentimental baby clothes you have for Anna! I have zero! She is really looking all grown up now. I love the video, that is hilarious. I wonder what was going through her head when she started to cry. The cowboy boot outfit is adorable.

JP said...

OMGsh!!!! CUTE, CUTE, CUTE, as you say. I've been waiting for updates....she is growing so fast and even cuter than before.

Rebecca Holt Stay said...

I am SSSOOOOOO glad I got those boots for Anna. The flowers even match the colors of the leggings. The last four pink tutu photos are just the cutest little Texas cutie ever!!!!

kimlis said...

Heather and Sam,
Anna is so-o C-U-T-E. And she's changing from baby to toddler. She's so lucky to have you both.