Thursday, March 19, 2009

big B little b ... what begins with B?



Anna had a wonderful time at her Grandma Stay's house two weeks ago. It was so fun to be there with her Aunt Karen and cousin Elizabeth who is just four months older. Anna was enthralled by Elizabeth and would get really excited when she would come into the same room. Anna always wanted to be doing what her talented older cousin was doing.

The girls also had a great time in the bath tub together. This was the one arena where Anna was a little more advanced, which means she could make much bigger splashes and handle the big falls in the slippery tub without much bother. Elizabeth wasn't quite sure about how excited Anna got in the bath, but they shared lots of smiles in the tub.


lizzie said...

I love that you have Dr. Seuss in your head as well. We just got the ABC book and I find myself bouncing with the beat all too often. :)

Rebecca Holt Stay said...

Great photos in the tub!

Emily said...

I'm glad Anna likes her bath so much. What a cute little girl! And I like your allusion to Dr. Seuss. What a good book.

Laurie said...

Now that is more like it. Last time you posted pictures of Anna in the tub I thought she looked so lonely (even though she looked like she was having fun). But now look at that! She has a friend!