Monday, October 20, 2008

general wisdom

I've spent a lot of time trying to decide who I would vote for in the upcoming Presidential election. I've talked to Republican and Democrat friends about why their candidates would be the best choice. I've talked to friends whose judgment I admire and who I know are informed and thoughtful. I've visited the candidates' websites and read their positions on issues that I'm concerned about. I've watched debates and read the news. I've also had several discussions with Sam about why we choose the people we vote for. On what points do I need to agree with the candidate I choose? Is it OK to vote for the candidate we respect more, even if we disagree on some fundamental points? Are those points really fundamental, or are they just the arbitrary opposite stances the parties have come to hold? How important are the tone of the candidates' campaigns and the choice of running mate?

I'm still not sure I know the right answer to those questions, or even if there is a right answer. However, when I saw this video of Colin Powell explaining why he endorsed Barack Obama, his reasons rang true with me, and are a much better summary of why I'm going to vote for Obama than I think I could give. And so, I second your endorsement General Powell.

And I also second this endorsement from my niece Isabelle, daughter of Ben and Amy, who will mostly likely not be voting for Obama.


Ben, Amy, Isabelle & Olivia said...

What a surprise to see little Belle on your blog! Of course I have heard it before...many times a day...but it was super fun to listen to it again online! We are watching CNN right now and I think that your candidate of choice pretty much has it in the bag!

Also, I love your post all about Anna's day! Wow, she has grown so much! Almost sitting all by her self!!!

The Bowles said...

i don't mean to be rude, but it's hard to believe how a member of the Church can vote for a candidate who believes in abortion, same sex marriage, and socialism (Read what Ezra T. Benson had to say about socialism)

Anonymous said...

My husband's uncle got married to his partner in California last week. They are also very anxious for Obama to win...or they will be moving to Canada.

rusted sun said...

Heather, I very much support and second...or third your choice. I am so impressed by Obama for many reason. When I also say the Collin Powell video I was impressed by his reasoning and through it put it perfectly. Good job on doing your research and being a thoughtful and responsible voter.