Saturday, May 31, 2008

life as we know it....

...has changed forever for the better.

We're very in love with little Anna. Here are a few things about her.

  • Anna loves soft things. Whenever she's fussy, we just wrap her up in them or put her in a fleece outfit and she goes limp with pleasure. She especially loves them rubbed against her cheek and will often give us a smile for that.

  • Anna likes to eat. She gets really excited when she knows food is coming and puts her arms above her head, like she's on a roller coaster. While eating she smacks her lips and makes little "mm...mmm" sounds. She often eats too fast at first and ends up breathing some of it in and coughs and coughs. And then literally dives in for more.

  • Eating agrees with Anna. She's around a plump 9 pounds these days and all the cuter for being a little chubby.

  • Anna loves bath time. Though she looks terrified the entire time, she's quiet and looking around and not complaining. So I take that as a sign that she likes it.

  • Anna is an amazing pooper. Every few days or so she just poops volumes, all at one time, which have thankfully always landed on the changing table cover and not on our carpet or bed.

  • When Anna is awake and alert she's a lot of fun to play with. We read stories, sing songs, play the piano, have tummy time, and take walks. Anna loves to be snuggled next to Mom in the Moby-style wrap during anytime of the day.

I'll try to post some pictures soon so you can enjoy her cuteness. We've been busy enjoying family time and taking advantage of my mom's talents and capabilities while she's been here so blogging has been put on the back burner.

Anna is a good sharer and would love to give up her room for visitors. So plan a trip. See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Awww, Mom and I sat on the couch (I am home for Christine's shower) together and sighed out loud with happiness while reading : ) I am so glad to hear Anna loves to eat! I guess it is an Anna thing ; ) Mom says she is anxiously awaiting the pictures (but you "should not feel pressured." haha) We say hello to your Mom and Sam too and that we wish we could be there too to hug and kiss Anna.
Love and Miss you much!
Anna Jo and Mrs. Gosses

Karen Ahlstrom said...

I love making lists like this of the things Elizabeth is currently doing. My baby book has a bunch of pages that are perfect for writing them about twice a month. It's amazing to go back and read them and see how much she's changed, and that what she's doing now isn't what she's always done.

I'm so pleased that you're getting a good start on it, and I encourage you to make the time for it frequently.

PS: Since you posted the picture of Anna loving her soft blanket, I've tried giving Elizabeth a soft blanket when she's fussy (even when it's hot), and she calms right down and strokes it, and cuddles, and chews on it, and stuff. Thanks for the good idea!


Susan said...

so adorable. but how does Anna breathe in that wrap thing? more importantly, how do you?

Meg Ruth said...

Your daughter is GORGEOUS!

I totally want to come visit in TX. I've never been, we'll have to make a trip.