Monday, September 07, 2015

january 2015

The first few days of January, we were still at my parents' house. Here is Sam, my dad, and Anna playing in the snow. They were out there for nearly an hour and had a wonderful time.

We had a makeshift changing table on the bathroom counter and Emily loved to look  at and talk to herself in the mirror. 

Emily started eating real food this month. It took her a couple weeks to warm up to it, but once she did, she loved it, just like our other two good eaters.

I think it was relatively warm out and these two wanted to have a fancy dinner outside with a table cloth.

I took this picture to show how Levi's shirt looks at the end of most days. I keep stain removers in business with this boy. Notice how it gets on the outsides of his sleeves on his upper arm.  Of course, he wanted me to take pictures of his goofy faces, too, so enjoy.

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